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Meet Professional Makeup Artist Jeanette Kordiak

Emmy Award winning Hollywood Makeup Artist

Photography by Devin Marie Sims

As a teenager living in Minnesota, I dreamed of becoming an award-winning makeup artist. When I turned 18, I packed my bags, moved to Hollywood and enrolled in make-up school. After completing my professional training, I began my carrier in Hollywood.

I was working on different productions, when a TV Producer made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, the Department Head of a new talk show called “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” I accepted and for the next 19 years, it led to the privilege, joy and honor of doing makeup on one of the best shows in Hollywood. I did makeup for hundreds of movie and television stars, politicians (Presidents and their First Ladies), rock stars, athletes, reporters, influencers, and others. It also led to five Emmy Award nominations and a win! Dreams really do come true!

After Ellen announced her retirement and the end of the show, my husband and I decided to relocate to Orange County where I am now enjoying the coastal lifestyle. When I’m not working on my first passion – makeup and beauty, I enjoy taking Pilates classes, beach walks, e-biking, shopping at the local farmer’s and pop-up markets, and spending time with my family and my friends, both old and new.

To follow my journey, check me out on Instagram: @jmkordiak_beauty


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