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CEO / Creative Director of Devin Marie Sims, LLC ~ Photography + PR

Hey there!

Welcome to the world of Devin Marie Sims! I'm the creative force steering this brand. With expertise in my field, I grasp the mindset needed to construct a personal brand for effectively marketing and advertising your skills, business, or aspirations. Let's dive into the art of personal branding together while I breakdown my background.

With over 17 rich years of experience collaborating with influencers, leaders, and visionaries, my journey has been a vibrant tapestry woven through diverse events, video productions, and photo shoots. From partnering with fashion designers, influencers, and celebrities to working closely with leaders and everyday individuals, my foray into branding, photography, and marketing originated from the spirited heart of a young entrepreneur.

This profound connection to the intricacies of these fields deepened during my college years, where I dedicated myself to obtaining a degree in Textile & Clothing, Fashion Merchandising. A pivotal chapter unfolded when I interned for Vauxhall Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week, immersing myself in the realms of Fashion Styling and Journalism under the mentorship of Robin Dutt. This transformative experience marked the initiation of my career as a versatile Creative Director, Photographer, and Fashion Stylist.

Fashion and Photo Styling have consistently formed the bedrock of my identity as a visual storyteller. Recognizing the inherent gift for visual communication within me, I embraced my "eye" for it during a pivotal moment in my life, propelling me headfirst into the realm of building a career. Post-graduation, my journey led me to Hollywood, where I collaborated with magazines, celebrities, designers, and beauty brands.

Doing my best to create a balance between Orange County and Los Angeles, I embraced roles as a Fashion Editor for local magazines. My responsibilities ranged from covering trends, shows, and events to styling celebrity magazine covers. I proudly took on the mantle of Fashion Editor and Stylist, and concurrently held the position of Creative Director for a Travel Magazine. As an entrepreneur I provided marketing and public relations services for clients that including a celebrity boutique, hair salon, hair extension company, and cosmetic line.

The launch of my own publication marked a significant milestone, deepening my engagement with the Eco-Fashion, independent Designer, and Street Art communities in Los Angeles. My natural talent for recognizing emerging talent became more pronounced, bringing me immense joy as I witnessed others flourish creatively.

Motherhood ushered in a transformative phase, prompting me to navigate corporate positions while delivering services remotely. This unique experience significantly enriched my understanding of marketing and sales dynamics, ultimately influencing the success of my business and personal brand today.

As an expert in Personal Branding, I've undergone multiple reinventions, finding inspiration in my innate skills as a visual storyteller and humanitarian. My collaborations extend to social enterprise corporations, nonprofits, and climate action-focused companies, where I dedicate my time to giving back to the community through photography and consulting.

In the past year, my company has evolved into a photography and public relations powerhouse. Our team, comprised of talented collaborators, specializes in Corporate Photography. Our services encompass team headshots, corporate lifestyle imagery, event coverage, and ecommerce photography. Central to our strategy is content creation for social media, a dynamic component in our comprehensive approach to content delivery.

As a seasoned consultant, I extend my expertise as a private Creative Director and Public Relations advisor. Whether it's personal branding, small businesses, or corporations, I craft tailored strategies, visual guides, and provide the personal assurance that comes with having an expert collaborator on your team.

Let's embark on the journey to craft your unique success story together!

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Devin Marie Sims

Photography Company specializing in Marketing


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