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What to Wear to your Headshot Session?

Getting dressed for your headshot session can be stressful, so I created an easy process to help you break it down with my checklist below!

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I'm going to use photographs from my Headshot Session with Bethany Pryor Photography. Because, one; I love what we created and secondly, working with a photographer who makes you smile is really important!

For my Headshot Session I knew we were going to use a Teal color backdrop and I wanted to style outfits that would be fun and fresh for such a rich color. When using tones like this teal, I prefer solids, patterns and prints are always more difficult to the eye for headshots.

Also, too much black will lose the depth of the photograph and ultimately the person. So using black and white to create depth was my goal with this styled wardrobe look and because most of my body was covered in clothing too. Showing a bit more skin with a lacy black dress would have also worked too.

If you know me, you know I have a thing for hats! Which also, means I get to use the hat as a prop, to hide areas or give you something to do with your hands.

Headshot Wardrobe Checklist:

1. Undergarments

Depending on the color you choice to wear, making sure you have the correct undergarments, is important to feeling confident when you step in front of the camera. For example, wearing a dark color undergarment with a light colored pant, skirt, blouse or top.

2. Basic Tops in Solid Colors

When selecting which top to wear, bring long sleeve professional attire in solid colors, always bring white, black and the "best on you" color established during your wardrobe consultation. Bring white collared dress shirts in softer feeling fabrics, stiff fabrics don't photograph well, such as poplin dress shirts. Bonus option is to bring a solid white top or sweater with settle texture.

3. The Perfect Professional Networking Dress

The perfect professional networking dress is the perfect balance between professional and stylish. It should be modest enough to be appropriate for the occasion, yet fashionable enough to make a positive impression. The color should be neutral, such as black, navy, or gray, and the material should be comfortable and wrinkle-resistant. Look for a dress with interesting details, such as a subtle print or a bow, to make it stand out. The cut should be flattering and modest, with a hemline that falls just below the knee. To complete the professional look, add a classic blazer and simple, elegant jewelry.

4. The Power Suit

well tailored suit is designed to make a powerful statement. The crisp lines and subtle details of this suit are perfect for making an impression in the boardroom or any other professional setting. The tailored fit of the blazer and trousers create a sleek silhouette that flatters the female form, while the luxurious fabric feels soft and comfortable against the skin. The suit is perfect for a polished, professional look that will make you stand out.

5. Basic Bottoms in Solid Colors

When it comes to what to wear on the bottom, select pants that fix well and are floor length, skirts should go past the knee for sitting poses and above the knee dresses and skirts are best considered for full length photographs, standing up. However, what you feel most comfortable in will show in the photograph.

6. Accessories

Professional accessories for a photo shoot can add an extra element of style and creativity to your images.

I just loved how comfortable Devin made me feel during the consultation and totally made me feel like a VIP during my photoshoot! She helped me with my brand and how to stay on brand, styled me to stay on brand with my colors, verified from head to toe giving me creative direction to develop my personal brand. She looked at everything from lighting, background, pose, etc! Thank you so much Devin for giving me such high caliber service!

Having worked with Celebrities as a Magazine Editor and Fashion Editor, it is incredible important that you receive the celebrity treatment when we collaborate on your Personal Branding Portraits and Headshots!

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