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Press Release: Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary and Expansion of Photography Business

Orange County, CA - Devin Marie Sims, a talented photography and public relations expert is proud to announce the one-year anniversary of her photography business. Coinciding with World Photography Day, this milestone represents a significant achievement in Devin's career as she reflects on a year of growth, creativity and success.

Since its inception, Devin Marie Sims Photography has provided exceptional services in headshots, personal branding, corporate lifestyle, small business branding, products and social media photography. With an innate ability to craft strategies that deliver "on brand" public relations and meaningful marketing narratives, Devin has garnered a reputation for her unique approach and outstanding results.

Devin Marie Sims is thrilled to announce the next phase of her business's evolution. Building upon the foundation of her successful photography venture, Devin is expanding her services by establishing Devin Marie Sims, LLC as a photography company specializing in public relations content creation.

As the CEO of Devin Marie Sims, LLC, she is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals thrive in the dynamic world of visual storytelling. With her dedicated team of professional experts, she will continue to create captivating visuals, meaningful narratives, and impactful strategies that elevate her clients' brands and reputations.

In celebration of this momentous occasion, Devin invites clients, collaborators, and industry professionals to join her in marking the one-year anniversary and the expansion of her photography business. She looks forward to continuing to serve clients with passion, creativity, and unwavering dedication.

Her current client portfolio includes Amy Stewart Inspires (, Hydrate Now (, Luscious Boutique (, and ODDYSS Apparel ( among others.


Devin Marie Sims is a photography and public relations expert based in Orange County, CA. With over 15 years of experience, with a unique understanding of branding, public relations, marketing, advertising, photography, and photo styling, Devin delivers exceptional experiences that showcase her clients' unique personalities, services, and professional confidence. To discuss possible activations please connect at Thank you!


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Devin Marie Sims

Photography Company specializing in Marketing


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